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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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appropriateness. >> the certificate of appropriateness for liability street is a contributing hill district. the proposed project is a proposed change in use from one to two dwelling unit to the construction of a garage and construction of a new concrete stair and rail primary facade alterations including interrogating a new pedestrian entryway and stair wall on the first floor and replacing a door with new windows and as well repairing and replace selective windows on this the exterior facade. the trellis would be reconstructed because of
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deterioration. it includes a new horizontal edition and the horizontal edition will extend 17 foot from the rear facade as well as a new vertical edition on the top of a portion of the rendition. the facade and rear alterations on the rear facade and a construction of a new revolver deck. the department has provided a copy for the proposed project that is provided to the commissioners. duo to date the department has 5 inquires have expressed a port for the project and one letter is in opposition to the project. they have been provide to the commission. the department staff re789dz e
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recommends approve with conditions to a make sure they have done the appropriateness one as part of the side project the developer should provide example of the proposals for the handrails and stucco finish that were those material samples demonstrate the color and range of the materials. generally they have been a mat finish for the overall condition of the area. the windows should be provided following with assessment on the facade. and 3 as part of the side permit the project developer shall give us the 0 drawings fovr for the
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existing trellis and details as determined by department staff in safeguarding with the construction. and assessment of the existing would do for the individual pieces of wood to assist with the restoration. the project sponsor is here to answer questions this clocks my report >> commissioner pearlman. this is a technical question. >> it's difficult when we get egos letters right now especially something that's handwritten but the two units which i know it's now two units and the finished product is one unit. >> it's reserve the property was two unit at one point.
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she sought a merger more than 5 years ago to become 1 unit and now the owner is back to two unit >> and there's a separation of the stair. >> it's a single-family dwelling currently. >> well, not on the database it's saying two units. there's an elevator in there so it will change the plans. but the stairs connect the unit from above it seems to me that didn't have much of a historical part of the building >> it is established as two
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unit. >> that's not how the drawings read the drawings show the finished product as one so i'm not sure the description is correct then. >> commissioners any other questions for staff sponsor. seeing none, we'll open it up to public comment. any member of the public wish to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed and back to you, commissioners. >> commissioners i'm for approval. >> thank you a second. >> second. >> on that motion then commissioners to approve commissioner hyland. commissioner johnck. john, commissioner matsuda >> commissioner pearlman.
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commissioner wolfram and president hasz so moved, commissioners, that motion passes names 7 to zero and place you on the next item on the 200 california street for a major permit to alter >> good afternoon, commissioners kelly woeng presentation staff. the project before you is a request for a major permit to alter for 200 california street. a category 5 within the conservatism district under article lifting of the article code. under section c of the planning code originally constructed in 1989 with the currency home savings building of america it's a 6 story ring post modern
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building that has a composition with limestone planning and multiple you loom windows. it is to alter the building exterior and remove the clock tower that projects above the main roof believe. it is for the rehabilitation of existing windows and to accommodate at the corner bay the removal of the north korea existing clock to answer and cleaning and coating to left leg its color. based on the technical data and with the coordination or correspondence from the aeblth it proposes to meet the standard for rehabilitation and provisions for appendix e for the planning code for the
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following reasons that the proposal respects this to be a capable replacement building that the character will be maintained and all altercations will not change and the proposal will make the building more consistent with the california conservatism district. the department remedies the approval with the following conditions. prior to issuance of the addendum it will be forwarded for the planning department presentation staff one for cleaning and decoding of existing lime stone and ascent for joint and two the mentioned details for the removal of clock
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tower and the windows at the corner bay and a 3 a material board including a sample from the finish and the colors of the coating and any other coating proposed. the department received no public inquires for the proposed project. the project sponsor is here and has prepared a short presentation for the award. i'm available and this concludes any presentation. thank you >> thank you.
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>> i think we have our technical issues resolved president hasz and members i'm hunt ground water write we've been working on the exterior
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altercations for california street. we're working on what was in your packet so kelly described pretty succinctly all the work we've proposed to do to the building. she identified the building was built in 18988 replaced a 3 story building that was constructed shortly after the earthquake and the building prior to that was built in the late 1880s or 90s and was steroid as a result of the earthquake. the aerial shot is from the 1930s the photo on the right is from the 1950s it's been modernized between the 30s and
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40s you'll see the decoration is gone. in 1988 that was replaced with the headquarters for home savings the design was x 3wush9 post style playing off the elements in the conservatism district and taking them to the extremes that post modernism was known for. home savings is no more the building has housed multiple tenant and charles swabbing is the owner. the current owners are interested in rebranding the building and getting the focus away from the building itself as a home for a corporate empty and
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make that more something that's identifiable as part of the district and soft a little bit more low-key. to that wendy end we're proposing a series of modifications the clock is not operational and a lot of the metal has did he rated on that. we would like to recoat the building and tune down the colors to make that more comparable within the district that were this will deal with some of the issues of cleaning and staining itself. the owners are interested in sort of providing particularly window to allow the tenants to have fresh air. we're going to replacing window at the corner and having inward
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swinging windows to allow maximize air and a ventilation come in. there's the existing elevation proposed evasion. i forget to mention the owner wants to do some landscaping around the perimeter and some trees to create a green point of the top of the building sort of a low rise there's a lot of opportunity for view of this roof area so putting the planting up there softens things. it shows the roof plan to prop the new section details on how things will be happening up on the roof. these are some views of the replacement of the windows the inparticularly windows on the
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left-hand side is typical four part windows the lower stashes will be respected with copper windows and on the corner bay windows we'll take the four panels and replace them with inward swinging window keeping the same rhythm anticipate because of the lower sash we'll need to you tell in a 10 inch graduate rail to meet the code. that's samples of the proposed colors that we're proposing for the building and the details of the aluminum sash. that concludes my presentation thank you. thank you, commissioners do we have many questions commission >> i know the bottom is like a
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sandstone will this seep in. >> it's a more like based coding so it is surface applied and breathedable water vapor can go in and out but it seals the stone itself. >> is this something that be are roermd in the future. >> it can be reverted. >> kelly wanted to add it's a product that's been out on the market and used and tested a and has a great rating it's comparable with the limestone. thank you >> thank you, commissioners any other questions? okay. we' okay. we'll open this up for
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public comment. any members of the public wish to come forward >> if you like to state your name for the record. >> i'm (inaudible). i remember when the building was built >> i think we need a microphone. i think it seemed x civic on the other hand, historically going back to the 18960s there's italian made buildings in this two and a half block to mokt will street so this is co-op in this tradition i suppose. i'm curious why they are - i'm not sure why it's considered a historic structure at all it was built in the 1980s. why now putting a clock tower up
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there are they taking it down i don't understand all this. anybody want to address that? >> sir it's a comment you can make our comments and if the commissioners choose to address this is not a q and a period. >> thank you. any other member of the public wish to comment on this agenda item seeing none, back to you, commissioners. >> i'll be the ginny pig here. this is the most curious project i've ever seen. i went when it was built and i don't know how x budget it is but it's post modern in its design but i suspect that just like victorians westbound revitalized thirty or 40 years
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after they were built and any skinned we're doing the same thing to a post modern building which is the most bland building on the block. i was curious about this coding you've got the indian red sandstone and like the conversation we had earlier will be the other person store it might not be exactly in co-op with the district i mean, here's a building at that time, it was considered to be an appropriate design to fit into this district. the whole thing about the clock tower it says the clock tower is not a significant feature. everything leads to the clock tower, of course, it the a typical post modern thing like the gentleman said there were
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more x bosht buildings in the past. and then putting this coating on i'm curious if thirty years from now people say i saw this picture we should bring this back i'm not sure this is going to be possible and once you coat this thing as the architect said it's not reversible. so it says also the temporary design of the altercations are okay. but i lost and this is not a definitive source but i saw a blog yesterday there were many, many comments. prominently every person that exempted said this is stupid
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this is a period piece this should be retained. i have a similar, you know, if we just say, you know, it all has to be perfect and, you know, a lot exactly like 9 building next demeanor we're sucking the life out of our city this is one of the cases it feels like we're sucking the life out of this intersection. when the building was designed that when the tower was celebrated as a landmark moment at the corner so someone thought it was a good idea and it seemed presumption of us to say we don't like it now, you know, especially, as historians and people who believe in historical
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presentation i don't think we should suck the life out of it now >> thank you commissioner hyland. >> i appreciate commissioner pearlmans prospective there. i must say though this might come down to personal taste but i never liked this building (laughter) and so it's an interesting prospective commissioner pearlman. it's not the question of what we're doing to the building but what is comparable with the area it's not a historic building. we're moving the clock tower to i agree with commissioner pearlman it's an improvement on the building. i have no issues i have 3 questions or concerns or comments one was addressed that's the coating and do we know the alive span of this
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coating? >> all coding have to be replied. i actually don't know what the lifespan painting is between 6 and 8 years and my colleague can talk about that. >> this particular product has a lifespan of thirty years and in germany it's laced a long time. >> it's a maintenance issue we are alledgedly i would be concerned about maintenance issues. the seconds thought i thought we're losing the land basis and the colors aren't distinct enough at least in the presentation so if we can
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reinforce the base. i think the colors are two subtle potentially and the last comment i was curious about the roof terrace and having the hedges and the planting so close to the hedges >> thank you commissioner johns. >> well, i do think that commissioner hyland focused the discussion where it ought to be on the be comparability with the district. it should get high marks for being comparable with the district. when i saw this on the agenda i hoped we were discussing a
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demolition (laughter) but this is certainly i think a very nice solution. one of the interesting things that comes down before us every now and again is the question of whether just because something was built it should be retained or is should be protected and for those of you who entertain that idea if i suggest you take a derivative out gary boulevard where you can see what each generation for at least a century has in234rik9d on san francisco and then think again about whether just because someone built it it could be an
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example of atrocity. and i don't think that should make us want to retain that. that's a decongregation it does produce this plan a structure that's more capable. i think the trees on the revolver look just as silly as the clock tower and maybe they'll below over and hit someone every generation is entitled to what follows >> commissioner johnck. >> well, my comments follow along this drift i want to clarify i thought the jazz comment was a good question i understand to clarify with kelly our job is to look at the compatibility of the changes to
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the district. so, yes your nodding our head >> yes. that's correct it has to rhyme always a comparable replacement building with the conservatism district. >> and just to confirm that my second thing is i'm in and out of there a lot and when i think about come pat ability it makes me feel strange if i'm looking at the rest of the district i'm wondering where they should be placed. that's my concern
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>> thank you marry commissioner wolfram. >> i like to say i like the trees. >> i like them but - i don't know. >> i think it's where their rendered. you don't know i don't think they'll be prominent >> all right. >> my comments are you appreciate changes on the windows very much. i agree with commissioner hyland he got vanilla with one color but maybe it's the rendering of one color. personally i wouldn't mind co-op the red with the nature stain but i would - yeah. - >> yeah. the red is fine. >> if you want to get rid of did gold loaf i get it but the windows are a great add on this
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building. that's my comments and just a question for the sponsor would the ownership be willing to keep the red and not coat that on the top >> i'd have to go back and ask that. we wanted the building to be more understated than it is there was a question will the rendering and the contrast 0 on the rendering at the end of the packet is the samples that were actually proposed. we're just - there's a fund we have with the rendering to get it to look on the computer. we spent several hours tweaking colors trying to get it - >> i see the color difference when you go to the topping
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section but you're saying even though lower portion - >> the directorer tone. >> so it and show up whatsoever a so - >> you see that up there. >> to i see it up at the top. if this goes approved as is now i want that marked in the lower section to have it darker >> what's showing on the screen is the contrast what is higher than the rendering. >> we have that. commissioner hyland >> i was going to say in all reporter with commissioner hyland. i think because i don't like something doesn't mean in 20 years from now i won't but m


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